Welcome to the Naturally Sweet world of Orchard Sweet Foods, a Candy and Snack Company dedicated to developing delicious products that appeal to today'’s consumer.


Orchard Sweet Foods is a licensee for Seneca Food Corporation. We produce and market confectionary products under the brand name Seneca Truly Fruit. Seneca Foods has spent a century building brands such as Libby’s, Green Giant, Van Kamp Foods and Seneca Apple Chips.

Truly Fruit is a soft pectin jelly treat. Many “ordinary” jelly candies have a starch base. Truly Fruit uses fruit pectin, a natural fiber found in oranges and apples and other fruits.

Our Truly Fruit, soft fruit candies are Gluten Free, GMO Free, Fat Free, made in a Nut Free Facility and are certified Kosher/Parve. The best part is that they are delicious.


Our Truly Fruit Slices are made from imported Agar. Agar is a seaweed base natural gelling agent that brings out the true fruit flavors. Orchard Sweet Foods uses the finest ingredients in the manufacturing of our Truly Fruit Slices. Quality ingredients have been carefully selected and where possible, natural colors, flavors and other ingredients are used.

Truly Fruit Slices come in a variety of assorted flavors, piece size and packaging options. We offer Truly Fruit Slices either unwrapped or in an individually wrapped piece.

Truly Fruit Slices are certified Kosher throughout the year and are annually certified "Kosher for Passover" under the careful supervision of Rabbi Babad from Congregation Tartikov, Brooklyn NY.


Seneca Chips are made with whole fresh apples and are the perfect choice for on-the-go eating habits of today's busy families. Seneca Apple Chips meets the quest for a tasty, yet healthier snack alternative. We use high-oleic canola oil to ensure our apple chips have no cholesterol or trans-fatty acids. Less fat, low-sodium, combine to make our chips the top choice for health-conscious individuals. Seneca Apple Chips are made from fresh Washington Apples grown near our plant in Yakima Washington, the heart of apple country.


Orchard Sweet Foods is extremely proud to be in partnership with Aran Candy Company of Dublin, Ireland, to offer the Finest Gourmet All Natural Jelly Beans on the planet.

Not all Jelly Beans are created equal!

Our 30-flavor range of All Natural Jelly Beans have flavor in the shell and in the center of each bean. A true “Breakthrough” in the manufacturering process has been achieved in the use of ALL NATURAL SOURCES to give our beans their vibrant colors.

Our gourmet Jelly Beans use All Natural Ingredients, Flavors and Colors made from Natural Sources. These Beans are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Gelatin Free, Fat Free, Vegan Friendly, and manufactured in a Nut Free factory. Certified Kosher/Parve, they are simply the BEST.