Seneca Apple Chips

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Our Apple Chips…

Are made with whole fresh apples grown in Yakima, Wa where 300 days sunshine provide perfect growing conditions for the fresh apples we love to use.

We vacuum fry our apple chips at a lower temperature. Lower temperature results in reduced fat absorption and a healthier chip than traditional frying process. Resulting in 40% less fat than typical fried chips.

Seneca Apple Chips are the perfect choice for on-the-go eating habits of today’s busy families. Our apple chips meet the quest for a tasty, yet healthier snack alternative. We use high-oleic canola oil to ensure our apple chips have no cholesterol or trans-fatty acids. Less fat, low sodium, combine to make our chips theta choice for health conscious individuals. Our apple chips have been selected by leading foodservice chains to add unique flavors and textures to salads and deserts. Chefs and consumers know that when it comes to snacks, taste is paramount.

Our apple chips come in 5 delicious flavors: Original, Cinnamon, Caramel, Golden Delicious, Sour Apple. Gluten Free and Kosher Certified.